International dance festival Tales of Sahara

Under the title Tales of Sahara hides an international multicultural festival held annually by civic associations Orient Vision and dancer Sheyla in Brno, Czech republic. The main goal of the festival is to bring a rich culture and mysteries shrouded in oriental countries to a Czech public. At the same time festival provides continuing education and the opportunity to present hundreds of dancers, thus significantly helping to build and develop a dance community in our country. We invite internationally renowned dancers and instructors from all over the world and you can be looking forward to a new dancers. There is an opportunity to perform on the open stage at Opening Night, part of  it is also dance competition finals Queen of Tarab, which you can sign in.

None of this would however be possible without the support of Artist Foundation, Magistrate of Brno and without the patronage of the Mayor of Brno and the Mayor of Brno – center, who for several years put their trust into the festival Tales of Sahara, for which we are very grateful.

We are looking forward to you in Brno, Czech republic 9th-11th October 2015!