Workshop with OritWorkshops will be held on Saturday and Sunday 14th – 16th October, 2016. Workshops will be held in English language.

Venue: (soon be announced), Brno



Masterclass – Workshops are for intermmediate, advanced and professional dancers, you can expect advanced technique and choreographies

Type of WorkshopPrice
Workshop (Masterclass)30 Euro
Music workshop - Friday (2hours)23 Euro
Music workshop - Satruday + Sunday (4 hours)64 Euro
Fullpass - unlimited workshops + ticket on Galashow200 Euro (discount 50 Euro)
Fullpass - all workshos (without music classes) + ticket on Galashow160 Euro (discount 26 Euro)
Halfpass - 4 workshops (without music class)106 Euro (discount 11 Euro)
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Saturday 15.10.2016    
9:00 - 11:00 Effendi Dabkeh
- Dabkeh
The Effendi Dabkeh Troupe is dedicated to authentically represent the new variant of Lebanese folklore, the Dabkeh, which is spread and well known in Hungary and in Europe. The Dabkeh dance frees up a lot of positive energy thanks to its special music sounds and energetic rhythm. Due to these energies, the workshops of the troupe have a happy and special atmosphere.
We structured the workshop in a way that anybody – included beginners and advanced – could learn the dance. Anyone can learn about different rhythms, especially the rhythms of Dabkeh. As a drummer, Moha worked years with well-known and popular artists in Syria. Thanks to his experience, he can teach easily the colorful world of rhythms. It’s indispensible to talk about the history of the dance to be able to feel the emotional and artistic sides of oriental world.
Main hallChoreography + rhythms + theory
11:15 - 13:15 Jamilah and Khader Ahmad - Drum soloWorkshop full of rhythms and perfect technic of Jamilah. Don't miss this live drum solo workshop to learn new choreography and technic. Feeling of rhythms will be provided by Khader Ahmad.Main hallChoreography
15:15 - 17:15 Josefine Wandel - Indian Tribal FusionAs a student of classical Indian dance, Josefine's 'Indian Fusion' style is highly inspired by the aesthetics of Indian art. The philosophies of ancient Indian art are a strong background of her work. Through research and practice she fuses Indian aesthetics with the aesthetics of Tribal Fusion Dance. Tribal Fusion Dance is a dance style, that developed in the 90's in the US out of different asian and oriental dance styles, combining the posture and strength of flamenco with the earthiness of different folklore styles. The background of Tribal Fusion is the American Tribal Style, an improvisational dance form that developed in the US and. The presence of Josefine's Indian Fusion style is often described as strong, graceful and snakelike - as a serpent from the desert of India.Main hallTechnic + Choreography
9:00 - 11:00 Dalida - Baladi TableauxDalida's style is elegant, feminine and pure egyptian. She is professional performer and great teacher. This workshop will be focused on taksim and baladi tableaux with arabic interpretation and egyptian gestuality.Main hallTechnic + Combinations
11:15 - 13:15 Yalia - Lyrical romantic songYalia is at our festival at home, she always teach something original and new. On this workshop you will learn new choreography on lyrical romantic song, full of emotions and expressions.Main hallChoreography
13:30 - 15:30 Dalida - Egyptian MejanséMejasné is the opening performance of egyptian dancers. Dalida will show you how you can use this part of the show at its best egyptian style. You will focus on using space, different steps variations with pure and modern egyptian technic.Main hallTechnic + (Choreography)
15:45 - 17:45 Irene Shams - 2nd part of Music workshop (see Saturday)Please see the description on Saturday schedule. This is 2nd part of the workshop.FoyerTheory + Music excercise
18:00 - Afterparty with teachers, discussions (free)



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Conditions of workshops

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