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Workshops – Tales of Sahara 2018 – mezinárodní taneční festival, international dance festival

Workshops will take place on Friday and Saturday 26-27. January 2018. Most of the workshops will be held in English.

Venue: Fusion / dance studio, Dominikánská 11/13, Brno

Masterclass – this year all the workshops are suitable for intermediate dancers up to the most advanced and professionals.

Price list:
1 workshop (foreign teacher) = 34 EUR
1 workshop (Yazz) = 22 EUR
Fullpass (all workshops) = 185 EURO ( 41 EURO discount)
Halfpass (3 workshops including Yazz) = 75 EURO (13 EURO discount)
Halfpass (3 workshops without Yazz) = 81 EURO (13 EURO discount)


FRIDAY 26.1.

Jasmine Shoroq - Latino Oriental

11:00 - 13:00

Jasmine je španělská tanečnice, která se věnuje i salse, bachatě a jiným latinskoamerickým tancům. Na tomto semináři propojí svůj orientální styl a techniku právě s těmito tanci.

Kareem GaD - Mejance in a Story

13:15 - 15:15

Seminář zaměřený na jedinečnou Kareemovu techniku kombinující egyptskou klasiku s jeho typickou inovativností. Naučíte se choreografické kombinace a různá emotivní gesta, která při tanci můžete využít. Vše pod dohledem profesionálního choreografa.

Ekaterina Kalachikova - Drum solo

15:30 - 17:30

Technique + choreography. Secrets of performing: image, interaction with audience, creativity, technique tricks and emotions in drum solo performance. Learn from the winner of Queen of Drum solo 2016!


Kareem GaD- Spicy Shaabi

9:00 - 11:00

Kareem se proslavil právě svým shaabi stylem už před mnoha lety. Seminář je zaměřen na jeho jedinečný styl a kromě techniky a krátké choreografie se naučíte i “bodylanguage” potřebný ke správné interpretaci shaabi stylu. 

Ibtisam - Raqs Al Senlyya

11:15 - 13:15

Raqs al senlyya – in French “la dense de plateau”

The Tray Dance in Shaabi Moroccan Style


Nowadays this dance is performed by women called “SHIKHAT”, professional dancers in Morocco.  All the dances of this beautiful country are tightly related to the main events of life, and they define the Moroccan’s identity: both dance and music reveal the multicultural influences of Maghreb, Berbers, Arabs, Africans and middle-eastern.

** The Moroccan Shaabi has apparently simple movements: its linearity makes of it a spontaneous dance with a collective value. It’s characterized by a joyful and playful spirit, which implicates a high agility and ability to adapt the posture.

The dancers who perform this dance, both men and women (Shikhat), are entertainers in special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and festivals. The Shikhat use shimmy movements of the shoulders and hips and, during the performance, the dancer balances a tea tray on her head, while making isolation movements on fast rhythms, turns and steps, both standing and on the ground.

The tray dance mainly involves a tea pot and tea cups, full of lighted candles, balanced on a tray on the head. **

The seminar begins with long exercises of muscular preparation and warm-up, focusing on balance and space:

  • Listening to and learning the basis of Moroccan rhythm
  • Balance exercises and a lot of stretching
  • Gesture of “Shikhat” and their meanings
  • Turns and spins, both standing and on the ground
  • Techniques, improvisation and short final group choreography

Bring a tray or a book, and a tunic

The theoretical part is focused on the knowledge of the different kind of Moroccan dances and the study of the Shaabi as a whole: music and dance.

Teaching material

Yazz - Burlesque Fusion Funn

13:30 - 15:30

Let yourself be inspired by the 20th century dance, elegant cabaret movements and fancy sensual burlesque. Burlesque Fusion Funn is a playful and entertaining workshop to showcase how fun is to combine jazz, charleston and cabaret with a beautiful oriental dance. Prepare for a great deal of eroticism and decadence. Expect a lot of movement, joke and lightening.



Katalin Breban - Creative choreography making

15:45 - 17:45

Method of making a choreography- all the ‘rules’ and advices you can have for making your best pieces of art,your way,your style!! Also a small choreography view of the method, enjoying the freedom of creativity.

Terms and conditions

1. You can only sign up for a workshop/s using the form (not by email or by phone)
2. The application becomes binding after the payment
3. If you cannot attend workshops for any reason, you can send a substitute for yourself
4. Only one person can use the festival pass (please have your ID with you for checking)
5. We do not return the money for already paid workshops for any reason
6. If the workshops to which you are subscribed are canceled, we will offer you an alternative or money will of course be refunded (no later than 30 days)
7. In the event of a exchange rate change, prices in Euro may change and we reserve the right to change them meanwhile
8. We reserve the right to change the program or conditions only in the event of an exceptional situation
9. By submitting your application and paying for the workshops / passes you agree to these terms and you will follow the organizational instructions of the organizers