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Galashow – Tales of Sahara 2018 – mezinárodní taneční festival, international dance festival


Galashow is the dance-theater performance and main part of our festival program. In the Czech Republic it is a unique performance in which dance and theater entrances get together into one story line. The viewer is not presented with one dance after the other as on a treadmill, which can be exhausting, but includes funny scence when we introduce a part of the culture from which the dance originated.

Program of galashow is very colourfull in style. You can see authentic folk dances from various Arab and Asian countries, but also the modern concept of oriental dance, which indicates that the dance evolved into a highly artistic activity, which belongs to the theatre stage. Festival guests who are present at the gala are chosen very carefully and with attention to high artistic quality and authenticity.



This year our galashow will be held on 15th October 2016 starting 20:00 in theatre : Divadlo Bolka Polívky – Brno, Czech republic.

All our guest stars will be present at the grand Galashow – please look here zde.

Price of tickets:
320 CZK/ 12 Eur there is same price of ticket for any place in theatre due to ticket system in the theatre
(Euro amount can be change due to currency value)

Sale of tickets:
Online: from 1st July 2016 to 5th September 2016
Theatre: at our theatre Divadle Bolka Polívky from 1st September 2016
On the spot: You can buy tickets on the spot right before galashow at Divadle Bolka Polívky – payment only in cash, we recommend to buy tickets at presale

Order your tickets for Galashow 2016:

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  1. Order is confirmed and obligatory once you pay the invoice and cannot be refunded.
  2. After sending this order, you will get confirmation email, please check your mailbox (if you haven't received it, please send it again or contact us).
  3. Galashow ticket includes ticket to finale of Queen of Drum solo, before Galashow at 19:00.
  4. You can pick up tickets before the Galashow - theatre is open for audience from 17:00 (there is a bazaar, food etc.)
  5. Tickets comes with the seat number - whenever you buy tickets you will get the best available places.
  6. We reserved first row for people coming with kids, if you have this request please let us know festival@festivaltance.com
  7. Organizer (Orient Vision o.s.) will give money back only in case the show would be canceled from organizer side.
  8. By sending this order you agree with these conditions.




Look at the short videos from galashow!